The History of “ENTHALPIA”
“ENTHALPIA” began its journey in 2013 in the highlands of northern Greece, an area with rich biodiversity mainly influenced by the elements of lake Orestiada. Founder of “ENTHALPIA”   Dimitris Pappas a Civil Engineer and family have opted to a healthier lifestyle and diet. The endemic herbs of Greece with their beneficial qualities entered their lives. We would love to share it with the others.

The vision
The vision of “ENTHALPIA” was created by the need to highlight the secrets of health and well-being that are locked in our tradition and are scientifically documented. Through the experiences of their creators, with knowledge and scientific training, it seeks to enable the individuals to discover the hidden power within  herbs, that’s why the company was named “ENTHALPIA”.

The term enthalpy comes from the ancient Greek verb enthalpo = to hide within me. Enthalpy in chemistry today represents the thermal energy trapped in a thermodynamic system.

Today “ENTHALPIA” is a vertically integrated company, and because the raw material is the most important in a produced product, it cultivates over 100 acres of organic herbs.

Our philosophy is based on the natural way of cultivation and the management of nature’s resources by man. By choosing the right crop varieties for the microclimate of the area, using organic practices and natural methods without the use of machinery, with manual harvesting at the right time and ideal natural drying conditions, we manage to produce herbs with a special character, rich aroma, exquisite color retaining all their beneficial characteristics.

In addition to organic farming, “ENTHALPIA” strives to continuously reduce the company’s environmental footprint by using recyclable packaging.

Manual sorting is the final stage of processing the raw materials, while their processing and packaging is done under strict standards. The whole process operates according to HACCP standards, while the packaging plant has ISO 22000:2018 certification.

Herbal blends
In 2021, “ENTHALPIA” presented a series of organic herbal mixtures, whose beneficial composition brings about a pleasant and palatable result. Herbs are used considering their properties. Careful combinations, storehouse of knowledge and tests result in the creation of unique aroma and taste identities without caffeine that can be consumed all day hot or cold.

The careful selection of top raw material elements gives a special result in an interactive experience that the user during the preparation of the drink with variable options such as the amount of water and mixture, the temperature of the water, the extraction time and the additional sweetening  or non-sweetening substances create a  unique result in terms of the intensity and aftertaste of the drink to the user’s ‘measures’.

“ENTHALPIA” will continue to create value ​​for society and people, creating new products whose use releases the beneficial ingredients and therapeutical   properties of herbs.