Thyme is used as flavoring for red meat, fish, poultry, salads and sauces (e.g. tomato sauce).

Traditionally in medicine thyme is used for indigestion asthma, laryngitis, bronchitis and cough suppressant.


Bunch 40 gr

Pounch 30 gr

Recipe for preparing Bolognese sauce ( for pasta)

600 gr minced meat
150 gr of olive oil
A big chopped tomato
A medium minced onion
3/2 teaspoon enthalpia thyme
1 teaspoon sugar

We place the oil in a pan and heat to high heat. We add the onion and we cook until the onions become soft. Then we add the minced meat and we cook until the meat is no longer pink, stirring frequently and breaking up any large lumps. We add the tomato, sugar, thyme and 200 ml boiled water, lower the heat to medium to low and cook until the sauce thickens. We add salt and pepper